Thursday, June 28, 2012

RE: Health care ruling, for what it's worth

As someone who has written from time to time on matters political, I’ve been queried as to my opinion of the health care ruling.  And despite my recent radio silence on Facebook and darkening of my blog, I feel compelled to scribble this little missive.

Honestly, I haven’t much followed the debate.  I don’t know what’s in the bill, and I really don’t know much more than democrats love it and republicans hate it.  Yawn.
But I’ve been following the rather predictable responses from supporters and detractors and I don’t really have much in the way of observation except the following.
If you’re one of those wailing from the rooftops about how this is a horrible day for our country or how the Supreme Court’s ruling (which included a majority vote from a Bush nominee) has shaken the very foundation of our democracy for time and all eternity, I say this:  you’re part of the problem, not the solution.
Our country has survived civil war, assassination, resignation, depression, terrorism and Warren G. Harding.  Yet, we’ve managed to keep humming along.  I don’t think this ruling will bring more upheaval than any of those events.
And for the record, before I’m accused of being a lock-step liberal, let me say up front that I’m sick of Washington, I’m sick of politics, and I’m sick of the fact that every one that gets sent to DC is already bought and paid for before they ever cast their first vote, regardless of which party they represent.  I’ve been disappointed by President Obama, but I don’t think anyone else would have done any better.
Further, look back to the last issue that those on the left said was so damaging to our democracy: Guantanamo and the interrogation of terrorists.  I gave credit to President Bush for keeping us safe after 9/11.  The processes at Gitmo led to the information that got us the name of bin Laden’s chief courier.  And that led us to his compound.  And that led him to meeting his 72 virgins.  If pouring water down the throat of some extremist lunatic keeps me and my family from plunging out of the sky into a building, I’m all for it.  If I have to wait in line an extra ten minutes at the airport and take my shoes and belt off, fine.  I’m a selfish, fat 21st century American—I don’t want to die to give Constitutional protection to one of “them” that doesn’t even believe in our system anyway.
So as I gave W credit for that, I’m giving Obama credit for the health care law.  At least he did something about it.  Like it or hate it, right or wrong, right or left, he did something.  Not a lot of people can go to DC and get something done about anything, let alone one of the biggest issues facing our country.  Even one of the most popular presidents in recent memory, Clinton, failed at health care.
So at least give credit where credit is due.  Now excuse me while I laugh at the idea of that kind of maturity in this country.

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Anonymous said...

My biggest concern with each of these types of things from the Patriot act to the health care law is that each one strips away a small amount of freedom from the people and gives it to the government. In this way we slowly hand over everything without noticing until its gone. The whole boil the frog analogy.

Scott Eames <--I didn't feel like picking a sign in method.